Property Development’s Lifestyle Estates

Uniquely South African


Imagine spending lazy afternoons in dappled sunlight, eating watermelon and biltong and drinking Oros. To many, the notion that South Africa is one of the most beautiful and unique countries in the world might seem like a cliché that should only be proclaimed on postcards in tourist traps. Unfortunately for them, Century Property Developments considers itself a true ambassador of our amazing country with its diverse cultures – and we sincerely advocate the idea that our country’s beauty is something to be celebrated. Our campaigns are centered on family values, as wholesome living sets the tone for Century Property Developments’ uniquely South African lifestyle estates. The design of houses throughout all of Century’s lifestyle estates is driven by the South African climate and lifestyle. We pride ourselves on our particular architectural brand, inspired by historic farm-style architecture unique to Southern Africa. we endeavour to enhance the visual elements that make this architecture unique within the standardised global village.



Security is one of the cornerstones of all of Century Property Developments’ estates. At Century Property Developments, we firmly believe that every South African has the right to peace of mind when it comes to the safety and security of their homes and their families. In a recent property study by a major independent company, it was found that demand for gated communities is on the increase, both from a security and an investment point of view. Often, homes within a gated community are valued at almost double the value of comparable houses outside of the gated community in the same neighbourhood. All of Century Property Developments’ lifestyle estates are designed to provide a sense of personal freedom and expression while maintaining tight security measures for each and every resident and their families. Security is managed at the highest level, with state-of-the-art CCTV and access control systems, supported by highly trained and motivated manpower.

Security is effectively and aesthetically integrated into the lifestyle of the residents so as to be non-intrusive, yet security controls are highly visible to the outside world. We aim to prevent an intrusion from occurring in the first place. As a standard, access to all of Century Property Developments’ lifestyle estates is controlled 24 hours a day by highly trained, courteous security personnel. Perimeters are secured by four meter high reinforced concrete walls, topped with electric fencing and mounted CCTV cameras, in addition to being well lit and frequently patrolled, the entire collection of Century Property Developments’ various developments has been designed to set a new benchmark in secure living.

Estate Lifestyle


All of Century Property Developments’ lifestyle estates feature comprehensive, high-quality infrastructures consisting of a number of integrated lifestyle elements. These developments are not only the preferred estate address, but also the preferred choice for those who value living life to the full. In general, our lifestyle estates are places that defy the conventional. They are places where excellence is the standard and expectations are to be exceeded as a matter of course. Century Property Developments offers its residents a unique opportunity to live an environmentally conscious lifestyle whilst enjoying the benefits of a completely secure environment.

Our urban designs are centered on the needs of a community as a whole. Family values and wholesome living set the tone for these uniquely South African lifestyle estates. They are viable, well planned developments that will provide increasing asset values for purchasers and enhance the areas in which they are located.

Indigenous Landscaping


Trees are fundamental to the ambiance of any residential estate and, in essence, define its very nature. We see trees as the basis of wealth, character and integrity of any development. By planting a selection of indigenous nectar- and berry-bearing species, we expect to attract and feed birds throughout the year. And through this, we anticipate that the property will take on new and interesting dimensions. Consideration has been given to evergreen or deciduous, fast-growing or slow-growing, flowers, fruits and foliage. The selection includes species that are not difficult to grow but are reasonably frost-hardy and drought-resistant. Century Property Developments strives to create awareness around, love of, and – most importantly – wide acknowledgement for indigenous species amongst our residents. The landscaping, and especially the trees, due to their size, goes a long way to determine the overall aesthetic ambiance of an estate.

With our indigenous landscaping policy, we hope to reinforce the uniquely South African nature of our estates, not to mention benefiting from the numerous additional advantages like attracting indigenous bird life, frost resistance and well adapted to our highveld climate and most importantly indigenous trees and shrubs need only 10% of the water that exotic species use.

Architectural Guidelines


Century Property Developments endorse certain design and aesthetic principals that are unique to the South African culture. Our goal is to embrace those elements and we firmly believe that our climate is conducive to a very specific style of architecture that is not commonly found in colder zones such as Europe and North America. We also believe that a strong synergy needs to be established between landscaping and architecture. An aesthetics committee protects the integrity of each estate, and strongly encourages the use of materials in their natural state only. These materials are raw stone, exposed brick, plaster, glass, wood and steel. Paints are often limited to cement finishes and colours may only be earth-tones. Century Property Developments’ aesthetic principles do not relate to imported styles such as Georgian, Tuscan or Balinese houses. These tend to age quickly and bring about a general depreciation in value throughout the surrounding neighbourhood.

Green Design


The generally accepted definition of sustainable development is “Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. In practice, this means living in harmony with the natural environment, considering the social, environmental and economic aspects of our decisions, and reducing our footprint by living a less energy, water and material intensive lifestyle. Social sustainability is also important, and working towards a healthy and safe community is often interconnected with economic and environmental endeavours. Home purchasers in any of Century Property Developments’ estates have a major role to play in making their houses and environment more sustainable. Through incorporating awareness of environmentally sustainable design principles and expressing such preferences to their architect, designers and builders can bring about significant change across the industry.

The main ways that homeowners can make a difference is through recycling of refuse, saving energy through the use of solar geysers and energy saving lighting, using passive design or ‘green’ architecture as well as storm water capture and responsible landscaping.

In line with the “green” initiatives that have been planned, Century strive for the implementation of long-term energy management. We truly believe that it is our moral obligation to start thinking not only smarter but ‘greener’ by introducing certain key initiatives that will ensure a minimal impact on the environment while simultaneously creating long-term cost savings. A house built according to our sustainable housing guidelines will have a 40% lower carbon footprint than the average residential house in Gauteng

Printing of Promotional Brochures


All marketing brochures and flyers for Century Property Developments are printed on environmentally friendly stock. The producers of these papers have been certified by the government as being eco-friendly companies. The paper pulp is accredited as being ‘Totally Chlorine Free’ with the wood fibre carrying the Chain of Custody certification, as well as the Soil Association Woodmark. It is endorsed by both the Forest Stewardship Council and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. It is also ISO 14001 certified, with special attention being paid to environmental issues such as energy conservation, shielding indigenous forests and protecting wildlife in the production of this stock. We would also like to encourage our clients to recycle brochures once they have served their purpose